Medical Practice


As of 2019, I have performed about 8000 gastroscopies, 3500 flexible sigmoidoscopies and 6000 colonoscopies; inserted approximately 200 gastrostomy tubes; and reviewed approximately 1000 capsule endoscopies. Auditing my colonoscopy practice in summer/autumn 2011, 2015, and 2019, I intubated the caecum in >99% (n=163/200) detecting polyps in 28%/31%. My known life-time complication rate is low (3 admissions for bleeds; 1 perforation requiring surgery following attempted endoscopic resection of a cancer). I have promoted the use of water exchange colonoscopy and water immersion polypectomy, which increases patient comfort and ensures colon cleanliness.


I spend about 25% of my time working for the NHS, and the rest in private and academic practice. In the NHS I undertake endoscopy lists and clinics, looking after patients with a wide range of conditions (including Crohn’s disease and colitis; IBS; peptic ulcer disease; celiac disease; chronic diarrhea; constipation; nutrition).

The result from my 360-degree NHS patient feedback (2013, and replicated in 2017) was excellent, rated 5.8 by all patients (scale 1-6, where 5 is “very good” and 6 is “excellent”). I have been an active teacher and regularly examined for the Royal College of Physicians “PACES” exam.