Emergencies in Gastroenterology
And Hepatology

An easily accessible guide to diagnosing and managing critical situations, Emergencies in Gastroenterology and Hepatology aids doctors in dealing with acutely sick patients quickly and effectively. The book provides practical advice on how to make difficult decisions in an emergency situation. Areas covered include life and death emergencies, as well as the broad problems faced by on-call Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists on a daily basis. The focus throughout is on immediate management, but the book also includes reference to long term follow up for certain problems.

Each chapter has an associated algorithm, which summarises the contents of the chapter, providing an aide memoir for the reader and facilitating learning, as well as being a quick reference tool. Bullet-point information for speed and clarity combined with the integral cross-referencing system, further enables quick access to the necessary information.

Oxford Desk
Acute Medicine

In this era of evidence-based medicine, one of the biggest challenges confronting acute medicine clinicians is keeping abreast with the rapidly changing recommendations that guide clinical practice. Oxford Desk Reference: Acute Medicine allows easy access to evidence-based materials on commonly encountered acute medical problems to ensure the optimum management of the acutely unwell patient. Collating all the research-based guidelines and protocols in one easily accessible place and presenting it in a uniform style, this practical book is hugely advantageous for a busy clinician as it is not always easy to access research-based guidelines and protocols when needed in the clinic. The book is designed so that each subject forms a self-contained topic in its own right. This makes the information simple to find, read, and absorb, so that the book can be consulted in the clinic or ward setting for information on the optimum management of a particular condition. Edited by three experts in acute medicine, this book should never be far from the acute medicine clinician’s side.


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